Nigeria: Buhari 6% ahead after 20% of vote count, opposition appeal likely

Incumbent President Buhari (APC) is 6% ahead of challenger Atiku (PDP), 51% versus 46%, after the election commission's release of results from 12 (out of a total of 37) constituencies. These constituencies amount to about 20% of the likely nationwide vote count and were split in half between the two main parties in 2015.

If the trends seen so far continue when the election commission resumes announcements later today then Buhari should be declared the winner. Ekiti (South-West, c1% of nationwide vote) is the only state which has a seen a swing from one party to other, in favour of Buhari (with 58% of votes versus 40% in 2015). The other 11 states which have announced have seen the margin of victory shrink compared to 2015 but by substantially more for the PDP...


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