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Markets Guide

The Exotix Capital Developing Markets Guide is for investors, policy makers, risk professionals or academic analysts looking to maximise their returns through superior knowledge and understanding of developing markets.


Download a 14-page free sample covering the current debt structure of our sample country, Ecuador, in detail, as well as timely context on the political and economic factors shaping its development.

It also includes analysis of the country’s corporate bond markets, illustrating the superior insight the Developing Markets Guide provides across 42 developing economies



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Exotix Capital Developing Markets Guide

Compare 42 frontier markets

Use consistent benchmarks and data to find the
ideal investment opportunity for you

20 years of historical analysis

Historical detail of debt histories & restructuring for each country, explaining what has shaped each market

Debt structure analysis

In-depth analysis of current debt structures to explain the risks and opportunities each market offers

Understand evolving risks

All key content will be reviewed and updated quarterly, so you can make the right decisions at the right time

Exotix Capital Developing Markets Guide
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More markets to be added

We'll be expanding our coverage to include even more markets in future updates


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