The Macro Weekly Briefing is your definitive round-up of the most essential economic, financial and geopolitical insights from the world’s developing economies.

Delivered straight to your inbox every week, the briefing combines our expertise - and that of our global research partners - in economics, corporate and sovereign credit, equities and more into a weekly digest delivering need-to-know insights and actionable intelligence.


  • All the essential economic, financial and geopolitical insights
  • Focused, need-to-know content handpicked by our editors 
  • Delivered via succinct email briefing your inbox
  • All key market themes identified and explained
  • Actionable intelligence to help focus your investment activities


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Essential insights in one place

Essential insights in one place

Your one-stop-shop for the essential economic, financial and geopolitical insights

Highlights from 70+ analysts

Focused, need-to-know insight chosen by our editors gives you the full, unbiased picture

Easy to read on the go

Incisive content is focused into a succinct briefing
that you can read quickly and easily

Key market themes explained

We identify and explain the key themes shaping
the markets, so you don’t have to

Macro Weekly Briefing | Exotix Capital
Actionable intelligence

Actionable intelligence

Hand-picked research ensures you have everything you need to focus your investment activities

The Weekly Spotlight

The Weekly Spotlight

An in-depth look at a particular investment topic or market, and its impact on your business